For us who love art, but we don’t really know what specific major we want to take, but we need to go to college immediately, then taking associate of arts can be a great solution. Taking the major will lead us to our preferred concentration. Since this is an associate degree, we don’t have to worry because we can transfer the associated degree to four year education in the future. Therefore, taking this major can be our first step and foundation for a better education and career.

Associate of arts is the foundation for various other study. We will be able to learn a lot on the skill and knowledge that can be applied for various works like critical thinking, problem solving, communication and more. Associate of arts can be found in so many universities and institutes and one of them is on MI. When we are talking about associate of arts and MI, then the first thing crosses our mind would be music and anything related to art and entertainment.

On MI, we will find associate of arts and its various specific majors, so we can choose one we like the most. Of course, not only will we find associate of arts, but also in the institute, we are served with various majors based on our interest like drum, guitar, vocal and many others. Learn further about the institute and major by visiting or visit the college in California.

The practice of transforming used shipping containers into homes, vacation homes, cottages, hunting cabins and housing during disaster recovery efforts is very common, shipping containers have even been used as the basis for multi story apartment buildings and hotels. One group has developed a portable container hotel that can quickly be set up at a large event, rented out, then dismantled and removed upon conclusion of the event.

Because of the modular nature of containers they make a great building block, once reconfigured and positioned either next to, or on top of one another the basic frame work is complete. When the building is installed on a suitable foundation, all the builder needs to do is to insulate, install electrical and plumbing components, finish materials and fixtures to complete the process. Using containers allows the builder to sidestep the labor intensive rough shipping containers  framing process, and also has the positive environmental impact of saving raw materials by repurposing the shipping containers.

There are many articles both online and in print that feature some amazing transformations of shipping containers into living spaces. The beauty of the process is it’s really not that hard, with basic steel cutting tools anyone can undertake the project. But I want to caution about one thing, if you’re not careful it’s very easy to unknowingly build a very sick building.